Hopefully by now you will have seen the revised plans for the Milton Road project either on the WFAC  site or on the Parish Council web site.
For WFAC 2020 has been a year of huge contrasts.Delight that Cherwell District Council granted planning permission of the Sports  and Community Centre and sadness that it became clear that the anticipated funding would not be forthcoming. Covid has meant that money suddenly dried up from charities and other organisations and a double whammy meant Covid also stopped all our local fundraising .
Delivery of this project has been both a personal passion and  the WFAC team  are equally  committed to deliver a facility that meets as much as possible the original hopes and needs of our wonderful village.
We have had to scale back as you will see from the revised plans. This still means that groups , societies and clubs will have a modern, flexible and affordable venue. Whether it is theatre or badminton, football or meeting space, Milton Road will be able to deliver.
I am optimistic that 2021  will allow us to raise all the necessary funds and that building can commence. We need all of the village to be behind us and show support and we will deliver!
Jackie Head