Rooftops of Adderbury village


A group of villagers with a positive attitude working towards the development of sports pitches and a community facility on the Parish Council owned Milton Road site and the renovation of facilities on the Lucy Plackett Activity Centre.

Membership Terms:

Group members will:

  • Offer respect to others
  • Work for the positive outcome of the Mission Statement
  • Operate with integrity
  • Be independent of political lobbying

Founding membership:

Jackie Head, Andy Green, Kate Gibbins, Craig Gibbins, Val Scarff, Rick Atkinson, Phil LeMare, Barbara LeMare, Kevin Behan, Pam Haynes, Haley Bishop, Tom Bishop, Edd Frost, Rod Head

New membership:

  • New members may join if approved by the majority of current members at any full meeting
  • New members must publicly agree to the Mission Statement and these terms before appointment


  • Full meetings may only vote and make decisions should at least one-third of the current membership be present, including either the Chair or Vice-Chair
  • A chair, vice-chair, treasurer and secretary will be appointed by the membership annually or upon the resignation or withdrawal of the incumbent. The Chair, Vice-chair, secretary and treasurer will be known as the lead members
  • The lead members will be responsible for meeting with the representatives of Adderbury Parish Council and it’s representatives. The lead members may invite other members as needed to attend such meetings
  • The group can be dissolved upon the agreement of the Membership
  • The Membership may form sub-groups from the membership with a specific brief. Each sub-group will appoint a Chair and secretary who will report back to the lead members
  • Full meetings of the group will be organised by the lead members at least bi-monthly.


Stage 1

Produce a plan and feasibility study for both the Milton Road site and Lucy Plackett field.   This will be used by APC to consult with residents (under Policy AD18 of the Adderbury Neighbourhood Plan).

Stage 2

Funding (fund raising, grant applications, section 106 funds, any other income generation potential)

Stage 3

Creation of the vision

Some of Stage 2 can run speculatively alongside Stage 1 (eg. fund raising)

The current view of the site from the Milton Road

The WFAC community suggestions stand at Party in the Park 2017

The WFAC community suggestions stand at Party in the Park 2017


Photographs courtesy Philip Le Mare