Although the land at the Milton Road site has been designated and gifted to the village as a space for community sport and leisure facilities, Adderbury Parish Council still have to go through several formal processes to ensure that we comply with all aspects of the legal and planning requirements for the land. The first of these is the application to Cherwell District Council for change of use of the field from agricultural use to the type of use required for the new facilities.

As part of this change of use application, CDC requires the inclusion an approximation of some of the types of outdoor pitches that may be included and possible positioning of any structures that are to be included in the development, along with a proposed access route from the road into the site.

It should be noted that these are not in any way the final completed plans, merely a very minimalist outline proposal to indicate some of the types of use that may be part of the final plan, and to reach agreement with OCC and CDC over the possibilities open to us for final positioning of any building and road access. It also allows the relevant bodies to advise us on our applications/plans.

We are still very much in the consultation phase of the project and no formal plans for the site will be created until this consultation is completed.

The consultation phase includes taking advice from a number of relevant CDC and OCC departments, including but not exclusively, planning, environment, sports, leisure and highways. It also includes a great deal of consultation with national sporting, arts and leisure bodies over available grants and best practices for this type of site, along with meetings and reviews of other similar projects across Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire.

Most importantly we are also collating the WFAC survey responses along with village clubs and groups requirements and wishes. Once results from all sources are collated, they will be published on the WFAC website and only then will the final, formal planning stage begin, when architects plans will be drawn up based on these results and the funding we have available to deliver the facilities. These will then be shared with the village at an open meeting.

As part of the overall WFAC project and included within this consultation process, we are also looking at how best to utilise the space at the Lucy Plackett site in the village to improve the overall availability of safe and well-designed sport and leisure facilities for all. Plans for this will be very much influenced by the resources to be sited on the Milton Road so additional plans for Lucy Plackett will be created alongside the Milton Road plans.

If you have not yet told us of your preferences for both sites, please do so now by using the survey form by clicking here and either completing it online or downloading and sending to the address on the form.

If you represent a village club or group and a representative of your group has not yet been contacted by our team, please get in touch with us on our Contact page