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We are a group of villagers who are working with Adderbury Parish Council to improve the community and sports facilities in our village.   Our two main areas to focus on will be the existing Lucy Placket field and the new Parish Council owned land for sports pitches and a community facility on the Milton Road.

You can find out more about us, the project we are undertaking and how you can get involved on this website.

our survey regarding amenities you’d like to see at the Milton Road site and on Lucy Plackett field is now closed.
we will be publishing results on this site once we have collated all paper and e-Survey results.

Thank you to everyone for contributing in such a positive and helpful manner, your responses will form the foundation for taking this project through to the next consultation phase.

Latest news

Milton Road Change of Use Application

Although the land at the Milton Road site has been designated and gifted to the village as a space for community sport and leisure facilities, Adderbury Parish Council still have to go through several formal processes to ensure that we comply with all aspects of the legal and planning requirements for the land. The first of these is the application to Cherwell District Council for change of use of the field from agricultural use to the type of use required for the new facilities.

As part of this change of use application, CDC requires the inclusion an approximation of some of the types of outdoor pitches that may be included and possible positioning of any structures that are to be included in the development, along with a proposed access route from the road into the site.

It should be noted that these are not in any way the final completed plans, merely a very minimalist outline proposal to indicate some of the types of use that may be part of the final plan, and to reach agreement with OCC and CDC over the possibilities open to us for final positioning of any building and road access. It also allows the relevant bodies to advise us on our applications/plans.

We are still very much in the consultation phase of the project and no formal plans for the site will be created until this consultation is completed.


Working For Adderbury Community (WFAC) was formed following a Parish Poll in May 2017 when our community was asked to vote on whether sports pitches and a community facility should be built on Parish Council owned land on Adderbury’s Milton Road.  Our founding members came together from all sections of our community to campaign in favour of the idea.

After a comprehensive “yes” vote win in the Parish Poll we were keen to become actively involved in working towards delivering the project.  We offered our services to the Parish Council and began the process for formalising our organisation.

In July 2017 Terms Of Reference were agreed with Adderbury Parish Council and WFAC’s inaugural Annual General Meeting was held the following October.

Working For Adderbury Community has appointed seven trustees, three nominated by Adderbury Parish Council and four nominated by Working For Adderbury Community members:

Kate Gibbins – Secretary
Andy Green – Chairman
Pam Haynes – Treasurer
Jackie Head – Vice-Chairman
Keith Mitchell (APC)
Martin Rye (APC)
Chris Shallis (APC)

Working For Adderbury Community is seeking registration as a charity.


Adderbury is a beautiful village dating back over a century.   We have a wide range of groups, societies and activities and great community spirit.

BUT as one of the area’s largest villages we are lacking in good sports facilities and a modern community building.   As a product of Adderbury’s Neighbourhood Plan, and with the land gifted to Adderbury Parish Council on the Milton Road, together with the beautiful Lucy Placket field, we now have a chance to deliver something to benefit our community for years to come.

Our vision:

  • sports pitches for various different sports on the Milton Road land
  • a community building alongside the sports pitches.   This will complement existing village buildings but allow for a wider range of groups to meet, and activities and indoor sports to be undertaken
  • modernising of the building area in the Lucy Plackett field
  • refocusing of activities on the Lucy Plackett field and supporting additional community events and focusing on village families
  • achieving the above with a robust business plan that leaves no financial burden on local Council Tax payers now or in the future


Membership of Working For Adderbury Community is open to anyone who shares the ethos of our Mission Statement:

A group of villagers with a positive attitude working towards the development of a community facility and sports pitches on the Parish Council owned Milton Road site and the improvement and development of facilities on the Lucy Plackett Activity field.

We welcome members of all ages and abilities, from all sections of our community, who would like to become involved in creating something our village will be proud of for years to come.   It doesn’t matter if you can offer a professional skill, or just your opinion, the more members of our community who contribute to the project the better.

To apply to join please download and complete this form.  Completed forms should be sent to: WFAC Membership, 28 Walton Avenue, Twyford, Banbury, Oxon, OX17 3LB or email us by clicking here

Please note that all applications for membership will be considered at each meeting of the Trustees (dates and times will be published on this website). To enable all of the Trustees to receive copies of each application prior to the meetings, the cut-off for receipt of membership applications for consideration in any meeting is 24 hours prior to that meeting.


Details will appear here soon on the different sub-groups working on the various aspects of our project and what they are hoping to achieve.   Each group will welcome feedback on their ideas.


This is a major project which will cost a huge amount of money.   There are a number of areas Working For Adderbury Community will investigate as funding sources.   These include:

  • grants
  • section 106 funds (money given by developers to our village for projects like this when they build new houses)
  • sponsorship
  • donations
  • gift aid
  • fund raising events

Our fund raising sub-group would love to hear from you if you have an idea to help fund our project.

Details of WFAC events will appear on our Events Diary page.

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To apply please download and complete this form and return to our membership secretary – details on the form.

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